Kan Yu

Kan yu, Chinese 堪舆 kān yú, roughly means  “heaven and earth”: 堪 kān = high place, cover, 舆 yú = cart, deepest point of a cart, chair (cart with coach-roof or heaven and earth).

The term is based on a quote from the Yijing (chapter 13. paragraph 3): „By looking up to the sky to observe the luninaries and by looking down to the soil to examine the natural influences of the earth, you can  get insights about the origin of life [brightness] and death [mystery, dim]”.

The book 周禮 Zhōulĭ („Book of rites of the kingdom of Zhou“, originated 722-480 B C.) says that kan yu experts were not only engaged with the earth structure, but also applied forecasting technics, therefore kan yu only can be rated as precursor of today’s feng shui.

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Kan Yu
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