Cornelia Kara M.A.

Consultant of Chinese Metaphysics for business and personal life

Ba Zi Suanming

The one who knows his destination will find the way. (老子 Laozi) Ba Zi Suanming, for short Ba Zi, means literally „eight characters of destiny evaluation“. It is also known as Four Pillars Astrology.

Date Selection

The fruit of fate falls only when it is ripe. (F. Schiller, The Maid of Orleans, 5th act) Time is beyond the influence of human beings, but we are able to plan our projects to take place on a good

Feng Shui

Three things are to be looked to in a building: that it stands on the right spot; that it be securely founded; that it be successfully executed. (Johann W. von Goethe) Did you know that your location determines one third

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