Ba Zi Suanming – Use Your Potential

Ba Zi Suanming - a traditional Chinese coaching method

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Ba Zi Suanming, for short Ba Zi, literally means „eight characters of destiny evaluation“. It is also known as "Four Pillars Astrology".

An analysis with Ba Zi provides you with a personal user manual using your character and abiltities to perform at your best.



The one who knows his destination
will find the way.
(老子 Laozi)

Understanding yourself - understandig your world

Ba Zi is a very efficient system of forecasting and reading the character and the life course of a person. It is derived from the birth date by reference to the Chinese calendar.

In the traditional Chinese calendar, years, months, days and double hours are displayed according to a very sophisticated system of the Five Elements. Every time unit is displayed by a combination of two elements. In this way, these four pairs combine to the so-called Ba Zi chart with four pillars. Herein, the analysis of the elementary relationship allows predications about character, opportunities and challenges in someone’s career and personal life.

Ba Zi Suanming

Ba Zi Chart of Steve Jobs, born 24.02.1955, 19:15

Knowing about your energetic disposition enables you to make use of this knowledge. You can modify your attitude and actions to create a harmonious balance between the available energies. Because only then you will feel the most capable, well and happy.

Furthermore, the influence of time is important, because it has also of a specific energetic quality interacting with the Ba Zi chart of a person. This makes it possible to identifiy the best time to realize your personal goals.

Why should I get a Ba Zi consultation?

Ba Zi Suanming is practicable both for your personal life as well as career and business. You will get to know and understand yourself better. And because it is based solely on your birth date, you can get the analysis from everywhere you are!

  • With a Ba Zi analysis you can achieve your personal top form and your inner balance.
  • Ba Zi considers every part of your life and therefore it can provide you with guiding principles for your relationships and health.
  • A consultation reveals your past, presence and future and therefore being superior to every other form of coaching with regard to self-awareness and prevention.
  • If you are looking for a partner or you need help in an existing relationship, Ba Zi can help you out.
  • It’s an effective tool for planning your career and therefore especially suited for people considering to switch jobs, particularly if you are a new professional or if you want to start a new business.
  • Ba Zi is also useful for your business, for example in respect of recruiting staff, business partnerships or negotiations.