Date Selection

Date Selection according to the Chinese Calendar

Fontaine en bambou, fleur de frangipanierTime is beyond the influence of human beings, but we are able to plan our projects to take place on a good date increasing the prospects of success.

Time is predictable

In accordance with the theory of Chinese Metaphysics, everything in the cosmos follows the order of the Five Elements – including time. There are time patterns making it possible to select favourable and unfavourable dates.

In the traditional Chinese calendar, every time unit is expressed as an elementary combination being part of a perpetually repeating cycle. The elements’ interactions with the energetic constellation of the people involved and the nature of the venture itself allow to choose a good time to do something important.

The fruit of fate falls only when it is ripe.
(F. Schiller, The Maid of Orleans, 5th act)

Why should I get a Date Selection?

Particularly when it comes to important decisions and ventures with deep and long lasting impacts nothing should go wrong. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to select a suitable date, be it for private or business purposes, for example

  • marriage
  • date for a Cesarean
  • real estate purchase
  • moving into a new home
  • new construction, building extension and reconstructions
  • separation
  • funeral
  • negotiations and important interviews
  • signing contracts
  • opening of a business
  • product launch
  • expansion

You want to leave nothing to chance and save time, trouble and money? Let’s find a good date for your venture!