Consulting with methods of the Chinese Metaphysics

Find your personal optimum by the help of Chinese Metaphysics counsultings

We all  want to live happily, healthy and successfully. The consultings of Sun Dragon by means of Chinese Metaphysics will help you to get it. You will learn

what your personal potentials and challenges are to live more fullfilled and positively,

how you design your living environment to increase your wellbeing and to enhance your life goals,

how you use the right timing to successfully execute your projects and

which strategies will help you to put your plans into action.

Discover yourself: Ba Zi Suanming

Consulting Ba Zi Suanming

Everybody has its individual strenghts and weaknesses. Ba Zi Suanming shows you your personal blueprint to tap your full potential. It shows you your personality and you will also learn to compensate your weaknesses for a life with more fullfilment and success. And Ba Zi can shed light on your life path.

Perfect timing: Date Selection

Consulting Date Selection

We often say "The time was right" when we accomplish something successfully. Time is a form of energy and the Chinese Metaphysics can determine the energetc quality of points in time so that we can attune our actions to them. In this way, our endeavours can start with a conducive energy.

Success strategy: Qi Men Dun Jia

Qi Men Dun Jia

When we want to accomplish something important, we need a suitable strategy. By the help of the powerful tool Qi Men Dun Jia you can assess your chances for success in advance and optimize your proceeding. By the way, Qi Men is also usable for wish fullfilling procedures!

Benefit from your environment: Feng Shui

Consulting Feng Shui

One third of our life is determined by the energy of our environment. Enhance your living and working conditions by means of a Feng Shui consulting. This can foster the wellbeing, relationships and performance of the residents and provide more opportunities for them.

Even better in combination with a Feng Shui consultation!

The invisible danger: Earth Rays

Consulting Geopathic Strains

Environmental radiation is harming to health in the long run. Learn how to protect yourself against geopathic strains like earth rays and water veins sustainably to preserve your wellbeing.

Impacts of technization: Elektric Smog

Consulting Electric Smog

Electronic devices are indispensable in our daily life by now. However, a permanent use will lead to ramifications on our health. Learn how to protect yourself against dangers in your home and office.