What Determinates our Life?

When the centre and harmony are realized fully,
then order and happiness abound throughout heaven and earth
and all things are nourished and flourish.
(禮記 Liji, 2. Jh. v. Chr.)

fly happy family on blue sky with clouds

All times, it is a main motivation for human beings to give their lives a positive direction, otherwise there would be no progress.

People recognized long ago that the individual has a certain power to influence certain things whereas other things are beyond his control. These things were accredited to the will of a superior authority or deity since the prehistoric times.

But what determines our destiny?

The approaches based on this question range from total predestination to complete self-determination.

In the case that everything would be predetermined we could not change anything and therefore won’t be responsible for our doings. This is the reason why even absolutely deterministic world views introduce the concept of „free will“. Our life experience has told us that the truth lies somewhere in between.

Heaven – Man - Earth

In compliance with the Chinese Metaphysics the destiny of a person is determined by three equal factors: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.


Heaven Luck means predestination by heaven. It defines when, in which country and in which family you will be born. It determines also the basic rhythm in a person’s life. Time is also part of the Heaven Luck which beyond our influence, but we can benefit from the given energy by selecting a favourable date.

However, we are able to have an influence on the Man Luck for we can change our acting and our attitude. This is the insertion point for the Chinese Astrology that can show optimal behaviour patterns to a particular person for appropriately responding to opportunities and challenges. Read more at Ba Zi Suanming.

The location where we live and work influences our destiny to one third. For optimisation of this so-called Earth Luck we use Feng Shui. Appropriate methods can enable the residents tap into the potential of their home and workplace to get more efficient, healthy and satisfied.