Electric Smog

What I ignore ignores me?


The modern technology makes our lives much easier and comfortable and it even has become standard. However, electronic devices are causing unwanted radiation fields called „electric smog” which is supposed to be noxious, a fact often left unconsidered.

Despite of numerous medical studies that prove the harmful effects on the body the obtained results do not correspond to the generally accepted and legally binding state of scientific knowledge.

A technology is classified as safe unless proved otherwise. There are statutory thresholds for the protection of the population, but these only consider the thermal effects of radiation on an adult man. Non-thermal impacts like chronic headaches, civilisation diseases, cardiac rhythm disturbances, faulty cell formation etc. or the effects on children are disregarded.

The e-smog limits of building biology presuming the point of health risk caused by the disturbance of the electrochemical equilibrium are considerably lower.

What can you do against electric smog?

You can dejam your sleeping and working place to keep your body vital enough to resist radiative impacts.

At night, during its recovery period the body is particularly prone to external influences, therefore it is substantial to minimise the e-smog contamination in your sleeping area as well as in places where you stay for long like your workplace.

Electric smog is technically measurable. A consultation shows you by what and how strong your rooms are affected by alternating fields of

  • radio masts, radar systems, transmitters and other items outside your house,
  • power lines and indoor installations as well as
  • technical devices like mobiles, cordless phones, computers, WLAN etc.

Moreover, you will learn how to reduce and correctly protect yourself against radiation in your rooms.