Consultant of Chinese Metaphysics for business and personal life
Unlock your potential, use your available resources to get the maximum effect

Ba Zi Suanming

Holistic personality and potential analysis for an effective way of live from ancient China. It helps you to understand yourself better and to achieve your individual top condition.

Classical Feng Shui

Make use of your environment. By means of Feng Shui, you can adjust your home or office individually to your needs fostering success, wealth, relationships and health of everey occupant.

Perfect Timing

Select the right timing for your endeavours and so contribute to their success. A Date Selection enables you to find timeframes in line with yourself and your ventures enhancing positive results.

Qi Men Dun Jia

Use this highly efficent strategy tool to forecast and plan your endeavours for getting what you wish for. We use all energy levels, including the spiritual sphere with your Guardian of Destiny.

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