Everything in the cosmos consists of energy. Let’s make use of it.

Pont sous un cerisier fleuri

My consultations aim at finding the best possible solutions for my clients in compliance with their individual situation and fostering their progress and wellbeing.

First, I diligently evaluate the actual situation and the needs of my client, then I develop a practicable concept and propose ways to changes for the better. In the process, I am connecting scientific conclusions of Chinese Metaphysics to my experience and implementing them in a holistic way.

The client always gets a detailed report for benefiting from the consultation sustainably.

Comprehending the order of the universe and complying with one’s deepest essential nature,
one realizes his own life span.
(易經 Yijing)


I am approaching according to the traditional Chinese philosophy regarding Heaven, Earth and Man as entity. Whereas Heaven Luck is unchangeable and people only can align themselves to it by selecting a good date, we are able to change our lives by adjusting our mindset and doing. Thus, we activate our Man Luck which can be enhanced by a Ba Zi reading.

We can also affect the Earth Luck by a suitable choice of location and measures according to the Classical Feng Shui, with the possibility to combine Ba Zi and Feng Shui for highly efficient results.