Ba Zi Suanming

Ba Zi Suanming (八字算命 bā zì suànmìng literally “destiny evaluation according to the eight characters”), also called four pillars of destiny (四柱算命 sì zhù suànmìng). Proven since about the 1st century B. C., but source text ascertained only since the

Luck Pillar

Luck pillar, Chinese 大運 dà yùn, also called “big life cycle”, ia part of Ba Zi Sunaming.  It is a period of each ten years a person passes through during his life and interacts with his birth chart and wih

Xu Dasheng

Xu Dasheng, Chinese 許大升 Xŭ Dàshēng: a Chinese ba zi scholar, has written the book The deep ocean of Zi Ping (Chin. 淵海子平 yuān hăi zǐ píng) based on the teachings of 許子平 Xŭ Zĭpíng (907-60), a fundamental work of