He Tu

He tu (Chinese 河圖 hé tú),  “river map” oder “map of the Yellow River”, is a graphic model of world explanation. An old legend tells form a dragon headed horse with a special pattern on its back seen at the

Life Gua

The Life Gua or Ming Gua (Chinese: 命卦 mìng guà) is attributed to a person based on his year of birth. This number plays an important role for feng shui audits. This personal gua number is interacting with the energy


Luoshu, Chinese 洛書 luò shū, also Loshu, literally “Book of the river Luo”: This is a square composed of further nine squares. In this square the cardinal numbers are arranged in such a way that the total in every direction


Trigrams, Chinese 八卦 bā guà,  “eight trigrams”: a trigram is symbol consisting of three lines. The individual lines are either full (yang __) or broken (yin _ _), therefore there are eight combination options forming the basis of the Yijing