Ba Gua

Ba Gua, Chinese 八卦 bāguà, also Pa Kua, see Trigrams

Ba Zhai

Ba Zhai, Chinese 八宅 bā zhái, literally “Eight Mansions”: a Feng Shui method to determine the energetic quality of the individual areas of a house based on its orientation. There are four favourable and four unfavourable areas: Favourable sectors Unfavourable

Compass School

Compass school is a misleading New Age feng shui term for li qi (理氣 lĭ qì), because also in the study of landforms the Chinese compass (羅盤 luópán) is used (see also Luan Tou, Li Qi).

Di Li

Di li, Chinese 地理 dì lĭ, literally “earth patterns”, an older term for feng shui (風水 fēng shuĭ).  This word is part of some titles of famous feng shui classics.

Flying Stars

The Flying Stars, Chinese 玄空飛星 xuán kòng fēi xīng, is feng shui method to evaluate the energy quality of a house. There are althogether nine Flying Stars numbered with the numbers 1 to 9. They represent specific elements and are

Form School

The form school, also called “landscape school”. New Age feng shui classification defined as the study of landforms (see luan tou). This term is misleading, because the li qi as well as the luan tou are considering landscape aspects as

Kan Yu

Kan yu, Chinese 堪舆 kān yú, roughly means  “heaven and earth”: 堪 kān = high place, cover, 舆 yú = cart, deepest point of a cart, chair (cart with coach-roof or heaven and earth). The term is based on a

Li Qi

Li qi, Chinese 理氣 lĭ qì, “qi natural science”:  besides the luan tou (巒頭 luán tóu) one of the main systems in classical feng shui. It deals with the evaluation and examination of qi (氣 qì) or the qi movement

Life Gua

The Life Gua or Ming Gua (Chinese: 命卦 mìng guà) is attributed to a person based on his year of birth. This number plays an important role for feng shui audits. This personal gua number is interacting with the energy

Luan Tou

Luan Tou, Chinese 巒頭 luán tóu, “mountain head”: the second main system in classical feng shui besides li qi (理氣 lĭ qì). It deals with the study of landforms, especially mountains, rivers, locations and so called dragon spots. In modern