Flying Stars

The Flying Stars, Chinese 玄空飛星 xuán kòng fēi xīng, is feng shui method to evaluate the energy quality of a house.

There are althogether nine Flying Stars numbered with the numbers 1 to 9. They represent specific elements and are arranged in the so called Luoshu square:

The Nine Flying Stars are derived from the stars of the astronomical constellation Ursa Major (in Chinese “Big Dipper”). They are used in many feng shui systems and in Qi Men Dun Jia in different ways.

Star Element Compass direction Astronomical
star name
1-White Water North 貪狼 Tān Láng Dubhe
2-Black Earth Southwest 巨門 Jù Mén Merak
3-Jade Wood East 禄存 Lù Cún Phecda
4-Green Wood Southeast 文曲 Wén Qū Megrez
5-Yellow Earth Center 廉貞 Lián Zhēn Alioth
6-White Metal Northwest 武曲 Wŭ Qū Mizar
7-Red Metal West 破軍 Pò Jūn Alkaid
8-White Earth Northeast 左輔 Zuŏ Fŭ Alkor A
9-Purple Fire South 右弼 Yòu Bì Alkor B

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Flying Stars
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