Ba Gua

Ba Gua, Chinese 八卦 bāguà, also Pa Kua, see Trigrams

Ba Zhai

Ba Zhai, Chinese 八宅 bā zhái, literally “Eight Mansions”: a Feng Shui method to determine the energetic quality of the individual areas of a house based on its orientation. There are four favourable and four unfavourable areas: Favourable sectors Unfavourable

Ba Zi Suanming

Ba Zi Suanming (八字算命 bā zì suànmìng literally “destiny evaluation according to the eight characters”), also called four pillars of destiny (四柱算命 sì zhù suànmìng). Proven since about the 1st century B. C., but source text ascertained only since the

Building Biology

Building biology is the teaching of the interaction between a human being and his constructed environment as well as the ecofriendly and non-toxic accomplishment of buildings by respective insights and technics. The aim is a healthy and sustainable construction and