San He Feng Shui

San He feng shui, Chinese 三合 sān hé, literally “the three harmonies”: older than San Yuan (三元 sān yuán), is concentrated on landforms like mountains, sites and water, i. e. San He is more oriented towards the Luan Tou (巒頭

San Yuan Feng Shui

San Yuan feng shui, from Chinese 三元 sān yuán, literally “the three cycles”: San Yuan feng shui is based on the mathematical and numerical calculation of the  Yijing, so it is more oriented to Li Qi (理氣 lĭ qì). San


Science: the methodical approach, systematic documentation and verifiability of research results


Superstition: originally pejorative term for concepts deviating from the official religious instructions based on pre-Christian religions as well as on popular practices. Nowadays, at large it means the “belief in the impact of nomologically not explained forces and attached illusionary