Three Door Gate Bagua

The three door gate bagua, a New Age feng shui method. Derived from the traditional ba gua (八卦 bā guà, eight trigrams) strongly simplifying its aspects. In this method a square with nine sectors assigned to specific life aspects is

Tong Shu

Tong Shu, Chinese 通書 tōng shū: Chinese almanac for the respective year, an excerpt of the wannianli (万年曆 wànniánlì, ten thousand year calendar). It comprises astronomical, astrological, divinational and esoteric elements to evaluate the favorability of a day and its


Trigrams, Chinese 八卦 bā guà,  “eight trigrams”: a trigram is symbol consisting of three lines. The individual lines are either full (yang __) or broken (yin _ _), therefore there are eight combination options forming the basis of the Yijing