Daoism, Chinesise 道教 dào jiào, “Teaching of the way”: a Chinesische philosophy and religion; since the 4th century B. C. historically secured. The daoism has essentially influenced the culture of China with respect to the art, medicine, martial arts, literature

Date Selection

Date selection or zi ri xue, Chinese 擇日學 zé rì xué, literally “study of selecting a day”: date selection is provable since the Han Dynasty (206 B. C. to A. D.) where it mainly has been usedd for strategic purposes,

Destiny, fate

Destiny or fate, Lat. fatum, Greek moira, Arab. qisma(t). Destiny or fate can be seen in different ways: The view of fate as a form of personalized higher force influencing essentially a person’s life without human involvement Fate as destiny

Di Li

Di li, Chinese 地理 dì lĭ, literally “earth patterns”, an older term for feng shui (風水 fēng shuĭ).  This word is part of some titles of famous feng shui classics.