Feng Shui Cures

The term feng shui cures means especially in New Age feng shui accessoires and artefacts to harmonize and energize rooms or direct the qi. But most of these items originate from the Asian folklore and superstition, e. g. ba gua

Five Arts

The five arts, Chinese 五術 wŭ shù, also called the “five methods”. The ancient Chinese have developed five so called arts dedicated to the metaphysics: destiny studies (命學 mìng xué): these include the Chinese astrology like the four pillars of

Five Elements

The five elements, Chinese 五行 wŭ xíng, literally translated means “the five changing phases”. It is a Chinese theory to describe nature. Everything in the world can be assigned to one of the five elements representing the five different material

Flying Stars

The Flying Stars, Chinese 玄空飛星 xuán kòng fēi xīng, is feng shui method to evaluate the energy quality of a house. There are althogether nine Flying Stars numbered with the numbers 1 to 9. They represent specific elements and are

Form School

The form school, also called “landscape school”. New Age feng shui classification defined as the study of landforms (see luan tou). This term is misleading, because the li qi as well as the luan tou are considering landscape aspects as