Yang Yun Song

Yang Yun Song, Chin. 楊筠松 Yáng Yún Sōng (849-880 or 834-906): a Chinese feng shui scholar, also called “father of feng shui”.  Yang Yun Song has written classics like the Green Satchel Classic (Chin. 青囊經 qīng náng jīng), the Heavenly


Yijing, Chinese 易經 yìjīng, also I Ging, I Ching; literally “easy to pass by”: The Book of Changes. Das Buch der Wandlungen. In its actual form written in the 7th/8th century B. C., probably based on much older precursors. It

Yin and Yang

Yin and yang, Chinese 陰陽 yīnyáng, „bright and shadow side of a mountain“: The traditional Chinese worldview, especially the Daosism, starts from the premise of a dual principle of nature. Everything in the world is either attributed to yin or

Yin Feng Shui

Yin feng shui, Chinese 陰風水 yīn fēng shuĭ: The application of feng shui in terms of the planing and orientation of tombs. It is said to be older than the yang feng shui which is commonly in use today and