Ba Gua

Ba Gua, Chinese 八卦 bāguà, also Pa Kua, see Trigrams

Ba Zhai

Ba Zhai, Chinese 八宅 bā zhái, literally “Eight Mansions”: a Feng Shui method to determine the energetic quality of the individual areas of a house based on its orientation. There are four favourable and four unfavourable areas: Favourable sectors Unfavourable

Ba Zi Suanming

Ba Zi Suanming (八字算命 bā zì suànmìng literally “destiny evaluation according to the eight characters”), also called four pillars of destiny (四柱算命 sì zhù suànmìng). Proven since about the 1st century B. C., but source text ascertained only since the

Building Biology

Building biology is the teaching of the interaction between a human being and his constructed environment as well as the ecofriendly and non-toxic accomplishment of buildings by respective insights and technics. The aim is a healthy and sustainable construction and

Chinese Calendar

The traditional Chinese Calendar has several names: Farmer’s almanac (農曆 nónglì) Imperial calendar (皇历 huánglì) Xia Calendar (夏曆 xiàlì) 万年曆 wànniánlì (Ten thousand year calendar, comprises 100 years) An excerpt of the wannianli for one year is called tong shu

Compass School

Compass school is a misleading New Age feng shui term for li qi (理氣 lĭ qì), because also in the study of landforms the Chinese compass (羅盤 luópán) is used (see also Luan Tou, Li Qi).


Daoism, Chinesise 道教 dào jiào, “Teaching of the way”: a Chinesische philosophy and religion; since the 4th century B. C. historically secured. The daoism has essentially influenced the culture of China with respect to the art, medicine, martial arts, literature

Date Selection

Date selection or zi ri xue, Chinese 擇日學 zé rì xué, literally “study of selecting a day”: date selection is provable since the Han Dynasty (206 B. C. to A. D.) where it mainly has been usedd for strategic purposes,

Destiny, fate

Destiny or fate, Lat. fatum, Greek moira, Arab. qisma(t). Destiny or fate can be seen in different ways: The view of fate as a form of personalized higher force influencing essentially a person’s life without human involvement Fate as destiny