New Age Feng Shui

New Age Feng Shui or Neo Feng Shui: in circles of experts also called “packed soup feng shui” or “McDonalds feng shui”.

This is a strongly simplified and washy mordern variant of feng shui. It has been developed by the so called Black Hat Sect and its founder Lin Yun influenced by the capitalist market economy in the USA as a variant of feng shui easy to sell and effective in the market.

As a rule, New Age Feng Shui uses the so called Three Door Gate Bagua disregarding compass directions (which completely contradicts the classical Feng Shui).

New Age Feng Shui mistakenly differentiates between form school and compass school.

Furthermore, there are used so called lucky objects or cures like flutes, wealth frogs, fans, fragrances etc. supposedly “producing good feng shui”. In fact, hereby it is backed more on psychological effects of the habitants instead of real energetic environmental influences.

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New Age Feng Shui
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